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            Let our warm winter wear snow boots

            Published Time:2011.12.26 News source:ZHENJIANG BAIXIN LEATHER CO.,LTD Views No.

            "Snow boots originated in Australia, originally called the Ugly boots, later referred UGG. Australians to resist cold, with two pieces of sheepskin wrapped into shoes to wear in the feet, then gradually became popular." Looking Baidu Baike inside, snow explain to boots, we are really hard to imagine this round circle of the brain, a simple and honest and lovely boots, not only in the winter to bring infinite warmth, but also set off a global snow boots outfit boom.

            Xiaobian found with the incoming waves of cold, the streets of Tongling almost be seen everywhere in the shadow of snow boots. May say like a favorite snow boots, if you put it on, you want to take off, its originality, credibility, and super-luxurious comfort will make you crazy.

            Into the more fashionable element

            In the end how much snow boots red? First regardless of Taobao Poly cost "every day filled with its presence around us a lot of tide shoe, this simple and honest and lovely boots season hit a single product. Greatly accelerates the process of sweeping the streets, different and the style of the people the impression that the traditional snow boots, winter snow boots into a lot of different styles of fashionable elements.

            Speaking of fashionable elements, I must mention the rivets and burrs. Xiaobian a shoe shop in the pedestrian street, saw a snow boots, boots, body covered with a five-pointed star-shaped and round rivets, although the color is darker boots, can be tried on in the feet is very playful, cute. The shopkeeper told Xiao Bian, although most customers prefer a more minimalist style snow boots, the student-on Italian fashion sense of this rivet. Addition to the rivet design with tassel design and plush design of the mouth of the boots, snow boots are also very popular. The Moro design this year, snow boots characteristics, in fact, pay more attention to be able to find not just snow boots this winter style boots are like the mouth of the boots with plush.

            Why do you prefer snow boots? In this shoe store a pair of shoes, a woman told Xiaobian, snow boots, round circle of the brain looks very thick and heavy, precisely because of its heavy wear in the feet shaped legs can be set off even more slender. "Moreover, such a boots wear very convenient. Most important thing is wearing very warm in the winter!"

            Material different price different

            Greatly accelerates the walk around the Yangtze River Road, Walking Street area and found a few hundred dollars, the price differences of the different snow boots. Taobao is the same style snow boots, the price difference. Why the difference? Fashion Daren Hui Hui, she told Xiao Bian, snow boots, popular mainly due to its high-quality thermal snow boots, quite warm is good or bad depends raw materials, boots price difference is caused due to the different raw materials.

            Hui Hui's feet, wearing a pair of recently she spent 270 yuan from the scouring sheep wool, waterproof snow boots the Xiaobian see the shoes the bar side is very neat. These shoes all day wear down was not aware that there is moisture inside the shoe, which the wool is very warm and very breathable, is not easily deformed toe. "Hui Hui said," tens of dollars in the general store to buy a pair of snow boots, wearing not this feeling kind of boots where hair is synthetic hair, wearing a warm, do not say, comfort, there will be sweat. "

            Hui Hui to buy snow boots shop, the owner has given the market generally some snow boots type:

            1, imitation wool (imitation leather + synthetic hair), conscience Price: 100 yuan. Not comfortable to wear and chemical fiber material on the feet benefits not recommend the purchase.

            Two kinds of imitation leather wool (commonly known as A cargo), conscience price: 100 yuan -150 yuan, a specific price depends on the seller's supply of such shoes is the synthetic hair, warm, put on the will of smelly feet comfort is also very poor!

            Three kinds of real leather blended wool (real leather +50% wool), conscience price: 200 yuan. Such shoes material is pretty good, suitable for mass groups, 80% of Taobao sellers are selling such goods. Than sheep wool, but the material is genuine leather and wool blend, shoes and warm and still, the only downside is enough soft soles, sheepskin comfort. Suitable for the purchase of such shoes, consumer groups and more!

            Four kinds of sheep fur (real sheepskin + pure wool), conscience price: 260 yuan -700 yuan (look at specific models). Good flexibility of the shoes uppers, not easily deformed due to sheep wool, permeability, even in summer wear is also not very hot. 100% pure wool, let it warm and good.

            Understand these, I believe that the fashion people will be more handy to buy snow boots!

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